Hiking with Monsters

Monster Code explores ways of encoding environmental knowledge directly into the environment itself.

Imagination (monsters) and geographic memory are key pillars this builds on. Basically associating knowledge to features and hooks in the landscape, by the power of imagination and story. That power is considerable, as evidenced by the practices of oral cultures around the world, showing knowledge remaining intact over thousands of years and spanning thousands of km.

People who have started practicing it report their world is filled with new layers of liveliness: you are not just walking to the bakery or office, you are walking through the history of early humans, all indigenous dragonfly species (or whatever you happen to have encoded locally).

But we will start at the beginning.

This first phase of the research is about rapid prototyping, taking subjects and encoding them in different ways into the environment. This is an open call for folks in Amsterdam interested in letting their imagination loose on the city landscape and field-testing these techniques. The idea is to meet once or twice a week for an hour or so to experiment.

Hiking with Monsters is a program by @theunkarelse and @strctrnrrtv in collaboration with @CreativeCodingUtrecht 2021/2022.

Hiking with Monsters, fieldwork program with Creative Coding Utrecht and student seminar with ArtEZ Design department Arhem.

Monsters as indicator species.