Current: OpenCall Monster Code

OpenCall for one or two people in Amsterdam interested in experimenting with ways of encoding knowledge directly into the environment.

Current: Delta Casus research group for Embassy of the NorthSea

First test, just next to the Storm Surge Barrier in the Oosterschelde, of an underwater speaker, trying to experience the biosonar of the Harbour Porpoise.

Recent: DeepSteward at HNI Rotterdam

Brief introduction to DeepSteward and the Zoop research set-up at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam 2019.

Recent: yearly visit to the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary

GBS Kerala 2019 - a frenzy of planting out extremely rare wild plants before the dry season starts.

Recent: White Mountain Future Search

A Maasia led Future Search hosted by Embassy of the Earth. My role was supporting the hosts and process. (video by Thomas Roebers)

Part of the Random Forests research into environmental machine learning.